IT Services for Companies with Remote Workers

IT Services for Companies with Remote Workers

Managing a business in which all of your employees are under one roof can be difficult enough, but when any number of your workers are checking in remotely, everything becomes significantly more complicated. The added separation makes it difficult to coordinate operations and the ability to reliably share data and communicate quickly become of the utmost importance.

The Benefit of Cloud IT Services

The most widely known way to approach this problem is through the implementation of cloud-based services. Cloud computing gives all of your workers access to various applications and services on a reliable network without having to rely on your own server. This means that no matter where you go or where your remote workers are checking in from, everyone in your network can securely share information and access emails, contacts, and whatever else they need in order to do their job properly.

The remote-access capabilities that cloud services provide can be useful in the operation of any business, but they become vital for those that have to coordinate multiple people in multiple locations on a daily basis. XO will facilitate the transition from your local network or in-house server to a cloud-based service, be it Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Business, or another, making the transfer as seamless as possible.

Desktop Virtualization: An Alternative Solution

Desktop virtualization gives you the ability to access your office computer’s desktop remotely. While cloud computing works for those who need to use certain applications while on the go, like email and calendars, desktop virtualization is geared more towards those who need to have complete access to everything saved on their desktop from wherever they happen to be. That includes having the ability to read, change, and save any document while working remotely. This level of control is rather unmatched, and it can be very useful for people who often work from home or are required to travel frequently.

Mobile management becomes simple and easy with the implementation of desktop virtualization, and you will never have to worry about forgetting to transfer a file to a flash drive again.

XO Caters to Companies with a Mobile Workforce

If you think your business could benefit from a mobile management solution, allow XO to provide you with a free evaluation to assess your needs. We will take into consideration the specific operation of your business, brief you on the advantages, disadvantages, cost-effectiveness, and functionality of each solution, and help you implement your custom IT solution quickly and efficiently. To find out how XO can help make working remotely and managing your mobile workforce easy, contact us today.

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