IT Consulting for Challenges Outside IT Services: From Compliance to Refreshed Infrastructure

If you’ve already realized the value behind IT consulting, you’ve perhaps limited yourself to thinking only general IT services are possible. Because IT consultants have a huge breadth of knowledge working with companies around the world, they don’t limit themselves to just IT issues. They know IT frequently means connecting to many related problems that need guidance or fixing.
Some of these things still fall within technical lines, though not always. To show how far IT reaches, software migrations, network architecture, and government compliance connect to IT management.
Here at XOverture IT Solutions, we look at IT consulting at a comprehensive level to cover many bases. Our IT consultants work with many companies throughout the Los Angeles area and understand the unique problems businesses have.
Let’s look at what an IT consultant can do for you beyond just the usual subjects like security and monitoring.

IT Consulting for Challenges Outside IT Services

Keeping Yourself Compliant

No matter what industry you’re in, staying on top of government regulations is always necessary. Especially when you’re in the financial industry, staying compliant is overwhelming, and missing just one item could end up costing you in expensive fines.
With good IT consultation, you’ll have a dedicated team making sure you get the proper audit responses on a technical level. This means making sure private data has proper security in place so it doesn’t become compromised.
You’ll also have ways to access documents through the cloud so you can check for errors and do file-sharing while on the go.

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Virtual Servers

Rather than playing risk with the server you already use, why not do virtualization? This helps you divide your server into multiple and isolated virtual environments. As a result, you can move to new hardware without having to change your software. This helps you have a backup if a server goes down during a disaster.
At the same time, your ROI is more significant when you don’t have to deal with new hardware setups. Without a consultant, you may not understand this and end up investing in technologies you may not even need.

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Refreshing Your Aging Network

Network architecture is important, and so is keeping it refreshed so you continue being competitive. However, your IT infrastructure can start aging quickly if you haven’t done any updating for a while. Through a consultant team, you’ll get reviews of your network to see what needs upgrading with new tools.
When you need a complete network replacement, your consultant team guides you to the right technology that isn’t extraneous. Your technicians aren’t there to just sell you what’s popular. They’re available to give you what you really need based on an accurate audit.

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Moving Your Server to the Cloud

While virtualization can help your servers, consolidation and moving to the cloud gives you more efficiency and an upgrade. Moving your server to the cloud is a smart decision to eliminate more risk while giving you more universal accessibility if you travel often.
Costs reduce as well since maintaining your on-site server can bring financial burdens when something inevitably goes wrong.

Migration of Software

If you’ve considered using Office 365 or Google Apps to enhance your business operations, migrating to these can become confusing without expert technical help. Quality IT consultants help you migrate to both without having to endure downtime.
Office 365 lets you move Office into the cloud to expand your horizons and enjoy more features. Google Apps gives you a complete suite of Google’s best tools like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive. While the comparisons between Office 365 and Google are apples and oranges, we’ll help you make a good decision based on your business structure.
Contact us here at XO IT Services to find out more about how comprehensive an IT consultant is.

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