Cost Of Installing A New Hard Drive On Your Computer

How Much Does It Cost to Install A New Hard Drive On Your Computer?

A hard disk drive is basically a data storage device in your computer that is used to store and retrieve digital data. In simplest words, to save files/data on your computer, you need a hard drive. The market is flooded with different brands offering hard drives with different storage capacity. So, if you wish to know how much a new hard drive costs and how much it costs to install it on your computer, this blog is for you!

How Much A New Hard Drive Costs?

The cost of a new hard drive varies based on its storage capacity. A 1TB hard drive can cost around $50, whereas an 8TB hard drive cost anywhere around $300.

The cost of a hard drive from 2TB to 6TB might range anywhere between $66.99 to $240 approximately.

Cost Of Installing A New Hard Drive On Your Computer

The total cost of installing or replacing a new hard drive can be around $200 including the average price of a new hard disk drive, $60 to $100. It usually takes an hour’s labor in a computer workshop to install or replace a hard drive.

If your old hard drive is damaged, and you are willing to get it replaced by a new hard drive, it might cost a lot more if you need to recover the data of a failed drive, a bit more if the data can be transferred using a USB drive caddy to hold either drive while it is being done.

Note: Recovering data from a failing drive is a lengthy and labor-intensive process; copying it involves a few mouse clicks and doing something else while you wait for it all to happen.

Considering all these factors, you get a brief idea of how much will it cost to install a new hard drive on your computer.

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