What Makes for Good IT Support in Los Angeles? Using a Managed Service Provider

Your business has perhaps been seeking top-tier IT support in Los Angeles for a long time, yet keep running into problems. Getting tech support when you need it is essential in today’s business climate to prevent dreaded downtime. With mobile devices added to the mix, chaos could erupt when you and your team need immediate help, yet can’t immediately get it.

While most IT services provide some level of support, not all of them give it to you around the clock. Since you likely have a few employees who work during off-hours, on weekends, and maybe even holidays, what happens when a technical issue arises?

When you can’t get help, it only leads to other alternatives like break-fix services that charge you a fortune by the hour. If you have an in-house IT team on the payroll, it’s frequently impossible to communicate with them when off their schedule.

So where do you turn? You can find good IT support through a managed service provider. At XOverture IT Services, we want to show you what makes good IT support today to deal with the unexpected.

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What Makes Good IT Support in Los Angeles

Being Able to Accurately Evaluate a Problem

How many times have you had to call IT support in the past and had a technician who couldn’t effectively diagnose your problem? While you should always do the best you can in describing an IT issue, a good IT support team knows how to decipher layman’s language.

We know not everyone describes IT problems using technical jargon, especially non-IT office employees. An effective technician easily diagnoses what’s wrong through simpler terms rather than adhering to overly technical definitions.

Even better is when the technician describes solutions to the caller in a way that’s easy to understand.

Guiding Users to Self-Service Solutions

While you always want IT support when you need it, it’s good to have pointers on solving a problem on your own. Quality managed service providers give you self-service options that help you take care of a problem without involving direct technical response.

The support crew might do this to save time for both them and you. Sending a technician to your office to take care of a problem could ultimately take more time than you solving it through a self-step process.

Even so, when something complex arises, a good managed service provider takes care of it one way or the other. Since managed services frequently operate remotely, many problems get fixed this way rather than sending a technician in person.

Follow-Up Service

You’ll find many who say follow-up service in your IT support is just as important as the initial service. No doubt you’ve experienced some IT services that left you hanging after a solution they gave didn’t work. The best IT support always follows up with you on a particular solution they gave you earlier.

If you’re still having technical problems, no support line should leave you waiting just to get the follow-up service you need.

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Responding to Requests Universally

As mentioned above, you may have a BYOD policy in place where numerous employees work in the field with mobile devices. Having managed services creates a universality in support communication through phone or live chats. It means easy contact through any department in your company, or easy support service on a smartphone.

Anywhere you can find an Internet connection, IT support is there. The best providers are there for you, despite being on a Sunday in the middle of the night during a holiday.

Through XO, we offer the best IT support here in the Los Angeles area.

Contact us to learn more about our managed services features and how comprehensive it works to keep your business running optimally.

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