IT Tips For Nonprofits

Cost Saving IT Tips For Nonprofits

Your nonprofit organization puts in a lot of effort to accomplish its mission, often with a few staff and limited resources. Therefore, it’s vital to think about how a solid technical strategy yet cost-effective may support your fundraising efforts and enable you to achieve your goals.

Following are a few cost-saving IT tips to help your organization thrive:

Cloud Migration

Nonprofits are gradually moving their IT operations to the cloud to reduce expenses and improve overall productivity. These businesses have used cloud-based solutions to cut IT costs after the initial investment and with the right solution. Many nonprofits today pay close attention to how the public perceives how much of their funding goes toward overhead vs programming activities in an era of nonprofit transparency. However, as cloud computing becomes more widespread, your options become more reasonably priced.

There are many free products available today that can improve security, storage, and availability, and offer a more practical alternative. Some Nonprofits that are expanding have also embraced the flexibility that the cloud provides for employees to work virtually, which has the added benefit of minimizing the need for new or extra office space.

If your business is thinking about switching to the cloud, think about which business processes make sense to move, where it makes more sense to continue with your present technology or plan an upgrade, how it might affect your affiliates and vendors, and how committed your company is to security. If your organization serves a global audience, the cloud should be at the top of your list of potential solutions.

Low-Cost Licenses And Services

Discounts on IT licenses and services are among the main advantages of being a non-profit. Purchasing email and Windows licenses can cost non-profit organizations thousands of dollars annually. However, many SaaS companies, like Microsoft, have started providing free or subsidized resources to non-profit groups. You can avail of licenses at discounted rates or maybe for free.

Support Remote Workforces 

Expanding the remote workforce is a clear rising trend for nonprofits as a result of the enormous accessibility of cloud technology. Although, this trend is being driven by a talent shortage, but cloud technology is enabling it.

Now is the time to understand how your nonprofit can continue to grow with the times, given that a hybrid workforce is here to stay for the majority of businesses and the realization that a distributed workplace works. To support effective, efficient, and collaborative work regardless of location, this begins with putting the appropriate technology in place (including cloud and security solutions).

Progressive nonprofits that use cloud computing increase their capacity to:

  • Enable employees to work efficiently from anywhere
  • Hire top talent
  • Offer work-life balance to employees

A remote workforce can undoubtedly help nonprofit organizations advance more quickly with the right technology in place.

Choose The Best Managed IT Services For Non-Profit Organizations That Help You Serve

The breakdown of legacy systems and tools can frustrate your staff and deter potential donors from donating. Managed IT Services for Non-Profit Organizations can evaluate your specific technological requirements and suggest the right plan of action for growth. They can assist you in selecting the best option within your price range, whether it be upgrading your network infrastructure or replacing a fleet of computer devices.


It’s time to change if your non-profit organization is having trouble with obsolete technology. Find a technology partner like XO, who can assist you in making the most of these services and donations by starting to research some of the discounted software and licensing that are readily available to you. You can run much more effectively and save tens of thousands of dollars on technology with a little bit of careful research and the right provider on your side. It will allow you to devote more resources to the cause you’re supporting.

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