A Strong Managed Service Provider Must Look Out For Your Needs — Today And Tomorrow.

According to a recent article from CRN, the world of managed services is changing. It’s no longer just about managing desktops. Instead, the sign of a strong managed service provider is one who is ready and willing to provide cloud, mobility, and big data services to its clients — even though many small to mid-sized businesses are not yet ready for big data.

Managed Service Provider Plans For Future Expansion

The global managed services market is expected to grow from $101.2 billion in 2014 to $193.3 billion in 2019. While the demand for managed services is increasing, the article notes, so too are the industry-specific demands for how those services work and what equipment and policies must be in place in order for the company to excel with the technology. For example, compliance requirements govern the use of cloud technology for health care and other industries. BYOD policies should be in place for any industry that allows their employees to use personal devices for work purposes. And whether or not a business would benefit from big data is something to be determined on a case by case basis with a managed service provider who truly understands its client’s goals and needs.

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Does your managed service provider understand your goals and needs? Is your provider aware of your BYOD policy or willing to work with you to develop one? Does your provider know what governmental policies regulate your industry and how to keep your work compliant in the cloud? If not, then it’s time to switch to XO IT Services. XO is a Los Angeles-based provider of IT consulting and solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

Your managed service provider should be a partner in helping your business grow and move forward. For more information on how XO can do that, Contact us.

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